is a registered labor organization, the exclusive collective bargaining agent of Boston Police Detectives to include those members of the Boston Police Department holding the rank of Detective inclusive of Detectives, Captain Detectives, Lieutenant Detectives and Sergeant Detectives.

It's members shall promote the well being of the Society and for such other purposes as are permitted a labor organization under Chapter 150E of the Massachusetts General Laws.

The principal office of the Society, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is located at number four hundred thirty four-four hundred thirty eight Hyde Park Avenue, Roslindale 02131, until such time a change of location is proposed by the Executive Board of said Society and approved by vote of the body of the membership. Said change shall constitute a mandatory filing of the appropriate certificate with the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The members of the Society shall be those sworn, active personnel employed by the City of Boston Police Department, holding the following rank: Captain Detective, Lieutenant Detective, Sergeant Detective and Detective, who have paid in full the initiation fee as designated by vote of the body of membership, and regular, payroll deducted dues as determined by vote of the body of membership.

In addition to the right to elect Officers, Directors, and Representatives, and other such powers and rights as vested the membership by these by-laws, the members shall have other such powers and rights as may be determined by Executive Board and/or membership.

The officers of the Society shall be President (who shall be ex officio a member of all committee(s) with the exception of Bargaining Committees which the President will Chair), Vice-President (Superior Officer), Vice-President (Detective), Treasurer, Secretary, and such other Officers, if any, as the members determine.

An Officer must be a member in good standing of the Society. The Secretary shall be a resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. No member shall hold more than one office simultaneously. If required by the Board of Directors, any Officer shall give the Society a bond for the faithful performance of his/her duties in such amount and with such surety or sureties as shall be satisfactory to the Directors and Representatives. This expense shall be paid by the Society.

December 23, 1981
Governor Ed King (seated), signs Mass General Law 150E, which defines members of the Boston Police Detectives Benevolent Society as “Professional Employees.”
Early BPDBS Photo 
Left to right: Attorney Mike Muse, The late Dan Mahoney, First President BPDBS, State Representative Jim Brett, Dorchester, State Representative Tom Finneran, Mattapan, The late Representative Kevin Fitzgerald, Mission Hill, The Late Detective Bob Chennette, Organized Crime, State Representative Michael Flaherty, South Boston, The late Detective Dave Driscoll, District 4, The Late Detective Tom Connolly from area A-1, The late Detective Frank Sheehan, District 4, The late Detective Dick Driscoll, Headquarters, Retired Detective Mal Maloney, E-5, Retired Detective (Former Deputy) Willis Saunders Jr., Vice Control Unit